A Broad and Balanced Curriculum


We have designed our Sixth Form curriculum to provide students with a broad and balanced educational programme that is appropriate to individual abilities and interests. We offer a huge range of possibilities at Radyr to enable you to select the best combinations to suit you.

A-levels are the most popular option at Radyr for those students with 6 or more A*-C grades at GCSE. With over 20 different A level subjects to choose from, as well as some exciting vocational options, there are a wealth of combinations for students to consider.


Most students in Year 12 will begin by studying 4 AS levels, a few might choose to study 3 AS subjects and some will choose more than four. In Year 13, most students continue with 3 of their subjects at A2 level.  Click here for our options booklet.

Available Courses

  • Applied Science 

  • Art and Design 

  • Biology 

  • Business

  • Chemistry 

  • Computing 

  • Criminology

  • Economics 

  • English Language & Literature 

  • English Literature 

  • French 

  • Further Mathematics 

  • Geography 

  • German 

  • Health & Social Care 

  • History

  • Food Science and Nutrition

  • Design and Technology (Product Design)


  • Mathematics

  • Music

  • Music Technology

  • Physical Education

  • Physics

  • Politics

  • Psychology

  • BTEC Sport

  • Welsh – Second Language