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Food Science and Nutrition


Are you the type of person who enjoys the ‘hands on’ practical approach to learning and would like to include this element of education in your studies? The broad and multi-disciplinary nature of Food Science and Nutrition will allow you to demonstrate practical, investigational and experimental techniques as well as being an ideal vehicle to develop your key skills. Students interested in their diet and health, or a career in the food industry, dietetics, environmental health or health promotion would benefit from studying this subject. The course provides progression from all GCSE Home Economics and Design Technology courses, as well as accommodating students new to the subject. It is assessed through a combination of written examination, projects and case studies in order to cater for different learning styles. 


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Design Technology - Fashion & Textiles


The AS/A Fashion and Textiles offers a unique opportunity for students to identify and solve real problems by designing and making innovative Textile products. Students will acquire subject knowledge in Fashion and Textiles and how to develop a product.

It is an inspiring course with a strong practical element, encouraging you to tap into your creativity and imagination. You would explore a range of constructional and decorative techniques in the early workshop sessions, gathering samples for you sketchbook designs. This experimental approach would build up your skills, enhance your designing and inspire your individual practical project.

Fashion is a core part of the course and includes the study of fashion history, fashion designers and current fashion trends. Visits to the Bath Costume Museum and related exhibitions would support this study.

Learners will take every opportunity to integrate and apply their understanding and knowledge from other subject areas studied during key stage 4, with a particular focus on Science and Mathematics, and those subjects they are studying alongside. Students do not have to have studied this subject at GCSE level.

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Design Technology - Product Design


The WJEC GCE in Product Design offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for learners to identify and solve real problems by designing and making products or systems. It is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject and encourages learners to use creativity and imagination when applying design processes to develop and modify designs, and to design and make prototypes that solve real world problems.

Learners will acquire subject knowledge in product design, including how a product can be developed through the stages of prototyping, realisation and commercial manufacture. As well as developing general designing and practical skills, students will be using technology in practical situations ie: laser cutting and 3D printing, through industrial links at Renishaw, Miskin.


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Health and Social Care


Do you have a caring nature and a natural instinct to help other people? If so, this Health and Social Care Course is just up your street. Virtually everybody, at some stage in their life, will need some sort of support and help. It may be a domestic crisis, a medical problem or an age-related issue; the reasons are many and varied. You will study the needs of such groups and how they can be met. You will do this in a practical and realistic way, gaining confidence by developing independent learning skills.


Health and Social Care students develop transferable key skills that employers are looking for, so they are considered suitable for a wide range of occupations e.g. social work, nursing, teaching, caring at all life stages and education. You might not be interested in a career in caring,but remember so many of us will become carers at family level that education in this area is invaluable.


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