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Welcome to the English Faculty Homepage. We offer two AS/A-Level courses,  English Language and Literature and English Literature.

English Language and Literature


This course would appeal to people who have enjoyed studying language and literature at GCSE.  The course allows pupils to study both written and spoken language and the cultural and contextual factors that inform it.  It develops a pupil’s written, analytical and discursive skills.


Most universities offer a wide variety of English courses, both as single honours and in combination with other disciplines such as History, Politics, Law, American/European Studies, Media, Drama, Journalism, Modern languages, Social Sciences and Linguistics to name but a few.


Language and Literature is recommended for teaching, media work, journalism and aspects of managerial, administrative and business work.

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English Literature


If you enjoyed reading and studying “Romeo and Juliet”, “To kill a mocking bird” or “An Inspector Calls” (to name but a few) then this course gives you the opportunity to develop further your enjoyment and appreciation of a wide range of texts from Chaucer onwards, representing different times, cultures and countries.  You will develop the skills needed to:


  • Communicate clearly and effectively.

  • Gain detailed understanding of the ways writers communicate.

  • Form independent opinions and judgements.

  • Explore connections and comparisons between texts.

  • Examine the ways texts reflect the culture, history and society of their times;

  • Respond creatively to what you have read.


English Literature has long been highly regarded by universities, colleges and employers for the analytical and communication skills it helps develop, proving useful for careers in the media, public relations, advertising, law, personnel, management and social services/sciences. 

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